Where is the pink in the rainbow?

The song “I can sing a rainbow” – the cause of many incorrect answers in a Physics lesson – has pink.

We can clearly see pink things so there must be pink light…

If you look at the rainbow/spectrum of visible light there is no pink.

This quick Minute Physics video explains why.

Mr G

Source: YouTube – Minute Physics


Updated – Chile Volcano Pics

This BBC webpage has a slide show of pictures from the recent eruptions in Chile.

Update – PopSci also has a gallery of photos.

This ties in well with the Y8 topic on Geology. For more volcano photos you can look back at these old blog posts here, here and here.

Mr G

Sources: BBC News Website


CERNland – A section of the CERN website with games and info at a level for younger Physicists…

I particularly like the Super Bob game, the Powers of Ten interactive  and the CERN in 3 minutes video.

The section “Learn about CERN” explains it all in bitesize chunks without the big scary words!

Don’t worry – I’m not going to go on about CERN forever…

Mr G