Free Fridge Magnets

The Open University has joined up with Bang Goes the Theory to offer free DNA fridge magnets.

You can get a set here.

Mr G


Best of YouTube – Issue 2 – May 2011

Here are a few more of my current fave YouTube sciencey vids…

AlpineKat’s Large Hadron Collider Rap

I first saw this many years ago… AlpineKat recently did a live version

Those of you who took part in the video-link chat to CERN last year might recognise Dr Mick Storr – the scientist you spoke too. He will also be the scientist showing us around when we go to visit (hopefully in 2012 – since the 2011 trip had to be cancelled)

The Might Be Giants – “Science is Real”

Kinda a similar feel to the Barenaked Ladies “The History of Everything” – the theme music to “The Big Bang Theory”.

More next month

Mr G

Best of YouTube – Issue 1 – April 2011

Having been inspired by some of the other blogs I read – I’ve decided to start finding YouTube videos I think show Science in a good light. Hopefully this will be the first of many…

Robot Surgeons

Robots are now dextrous enough to be able to help surgeons perform operations – this one is so good it can be used to make and throw a paper aeroplane.

Northern Lights

Not the book – the beautiful Physics of fast charged particles from the Sun being slammed into the atmosphere along the magnetic field coming from the Earth making the air glow.

The Known Universe

The Universe – as measured and shown as a trip from the Himalayas to the edge of what we know.


Finally a clip from Science@NASA explaining superfluids – where liquids at very low temperatures stop behaving how we expect them to behave – explaining them from an Astrophysics leaning.

Slow Mo Water Balloons

By popular demand…

Mr G

New Collider planned for London

So, CERN’s been a big success. So good the UK wants in!!

But – being the ingenious Brits that we are – we’re going to recycle the London Tube lines!

For more info see this article from the Independent.

Mr G

PS – Hope you’re enjoying April – have a good Easter!