Physics Games 24

Just got this link to a load of Physics games…

Check them out – if you have a favourite write a comment and I’ll put them on to the Science Webpage games section too…

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CERNland – A section of the CERN website with games and info at a level for younger Physicists…

I particularly like the Super Bob game, the Powers of Ten interactive  and the CERN in 3 minutes video.

The section “Learn about CERN” explains it all in bitesize chunks without the big scary words!

Don’t worry – I’m not going to go on about CERN forever…

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CERN – MicroBoy Game

Can you collect enough fundamental particles (Quarks and Electrons) to build a Carbon atom.

You need to use your space ship to collect 6 protons (2 up and a down quarks), 6 neutrons (1 up and 2 down quarks) and 6 electrons – all before the timer runs out! Try MicroBoy!!

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Explore the Scale of the Universe

How big is BIG???

How small is small???

Find out using this interactive Scale of the Universe. Zoom in to the Plank Scale, Zoom out to see the entire Universe!

Compare the sizes of stars, see which Moons are smaller than the USA.

Very useful for GCSE Physics work – linking in to P1b and P3 work!


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NB – For now this is FILTERED in college… so home use only I’m afraid.

Warp Speed

A couple more games for Y13 Physics to help understand Particle Accelerators

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Periodic Table Tetris
This periodic table game is addictive…it should not be too much of a problem for you chemists.

CERN LHC Simulator

So – you’ve seen the film Angels and Demons, you’ve heard about mini Black Holes and the Earth being destroyed… but what does the LHC do? What are they looking for?

Could you operate the LHC and find the tell-tale clues about new particles hidden in the mass of results?

Try the LHC simulator

Other resources for students are available on the LHC uk website.

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PS – you’re reading this blog on the World Wide Web – a CERN invention!!