The final flight (and pee) of Discovery

On a lighter (though still quite sad) note the Space Shuttle Discovery has retired following it’s 39th and final flight into space – this time to visit the International Space Station.

Above you can see the view some lucky aeroplane passengers saw as it took off.

Then the astronauts on the Space Station took a great photo as it approached.

An even luckier UK amateur astronomer, Rob Bullen, caught the approach of Discovery to the Space Station – from the ground!!

Finally – even sillier – German astronomer caught the moment Discovery emptied it’s urine tanks into space before it re-entered the atmosphere on the way back home.

For more videos, pics and comments – including info about the R2 Robot (Star Wars geeks I guess) they took up for the Space Station – check out this BigThink article.

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Flying Saucers: The new way to travel?

Hello fellow whovians, trekkys, alien fans, Star Wars fans……etc…..if you watched the latest Wallace and Gromit’s World of Invention then you probably know what I’m on about, if not, well they are thinking about making flying saucers which will be powered by laser propulsion. Here is a link if you want to more. So, will Flying Saucers be the new way to travel??


P.S I hope so, and yes I am all four of those people mentioned at the start 😛  (even though I haven’t seen Star Trek in ages 😦 )

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The LHC – Large Hadron Cullender

Silly – but it made me laugh…

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