Are airships making a comeback?

Airships have a bit of a mixed history.

Everyone loved the Zeppelins (well – the way they were used after the War)

Giving people luxury transport across vast oceans, faster than boats, bigger, more comfortable and a better range than planes.

Then along came the Hindenburg disaster. (There are many videos of YouTube – But I am not going to post one here)

Since then, airships tended to be smaller designs filled with helium. Now a new company Hybrid Air Vehicles is trying to revitalise commercial airships.

With designs that can lift heavier cargo and transport it longer distances, with less fuel, do not need long runways and are cheaper to buy than a cargo plane. You can find facts and figures about these designs here.

The Telegraph has written about HAV too.

It is not just cargo that is set to get the airship treatment – cruise holidays could be heading back to the skies.

Design company Seymourpowell has envisioned a time when we take cruises through the sky. You can read more about this on the Geeks are Sexy website.

Mr G

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