Article 100… Came as fast as a Glacier

Not counting the welcome message – this is the 100th post to this blog… Starting on 8th Dec 2009 – that has been a pretty fast start to our blog.

But not quite as fast as this.

Glacial melting seems to be getting faster and faster.

Universities at Aberystwyth, Exeter and Stockholm looked at longer timescales than usual for their study. They mapped changes in 270 of the largest glaciers between Chile and Argentina since the “Little Ice Age”. Studies showed glaciers have lost volume on average “10 to 100 times faster” in the last 30 years.

Unlike sea ice, which as it melts stays in the sea so the level does not rise, the melting of land glaciers will increase sea levels, flooding low level areas such as the islands of Mauritius.

Mr G

Sources: BBC News, Coastal Risks and Sea-level Rise Research Group – University of Kiel, Mauritius Now