The End of Religion?

This post is about something controversial. Be warned… You might not like what you read no matter what side of the argument you are on.


The census data for 9 countries over time has seen an increase in the number claiming “No Religion” and according to the mathematical models religion seems to be heading for extinction in these countries (and likely others too).

You can read the BBC News article discussing the findings here.

But it does appear to be backed up by research in Britain – finding 2/3 of us are not religious. Oddly – many who claimed to have a religion also claimed not to be religious – perhaps linked to our social expectation of people to identify with a religion or to fit with tradition. For example, less than half the Christians questioned thought that Jesus came back to life or is the Son of God, around half of those being unsure.

At the same time religion is reaching out to science to avoid the kind of conflict we see over Evolution and the Big Bang.

Mr G.

Sources: BBC News


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  1. That they did last time – unfortunately that is not counted as “No Religion” – so they got counted as religious people. Which could potentially have gone against what they wanted and altered government policy.

  2. altered government policy…… be more aware of people using “the Force” 🙂
    but yeah, seriously, i can see the problem there :/

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