Anti-Laser is coming to visit…

The anti-laser has been invented.

Light is absorbed by pretty much everything – all the things around you reflect and absorb different wavelengths of light leading to all the colour we see around us.

But lasers have just one wavelength – so designing to absorb lasers completely is hard.

But do not rely on this to protect you from Storm Trooper attack. Since Conservation of Energy must be followed – the thing gets hot…

The energy gets dissipated as heat. So if someone sets a laser on you with enough power to fry you, the anti-laser won’t stop you from frying

Professor Stone, Yale University.

Mr G

Sources: BBC News,


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  1. I’m fairly sure there are no stormtroopers with black armour and isn’t that a Jawa?
    On a more relevant note, what use is there for something that absorbs laser light?

  2. Sorry for the repeated reply, i accidentally double clicked it and im not sure how to delete one of them :/

  3. ah yes….. that is probably the first time i have seen a Jawa going to the toilet….but hey :)…… wonder how they say toilet in Jawaese 🙂 😀

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