Wallace and Gromit inventions

Did you watch it? I found all the inventions stunning (especially the kinetic models that were weird (and to be honest i think weird is good as being normal is boring 😛 )) and you may have seen the A.I penguins on The Gadget Show and you may have also recognised Jem from Bang Goes The Theory. But one invention i did find quite cruel to animals, the fly powered clock and robots. Now, I don’t exactly like flies but I don’t like the idea of using them as energy for electrical devices. These devices would transform the biomass energy in the fly into electrical energy, so it needs to be constantly “fed” flies. They also said that this could be a new renewable source, but I do think it is cruel, surely if you had a bigger electrical device wouldn’t you need to feed it bigger animals for enough energy to power it?? But that’s just my opinion, I don’t know what everybody else thinks.


A.I penguins