Global Warming – The Ice is Melting…

Some people still argue over if humans are responsible for Global Warming – but most of those admit it is happening!!

The Independent recently printed an article “Arctic sea ice shrinks to third lowest area on record” – where the 3 years with the least ice are in the last 4 year!!

This page on The Cryosphere Today site has images of the ice going back years (you can pick your own dates to compare). You can see the ice grow as winter comes and melt as summer approaches.

This image shows the difference between this month and 10 years ago! Just the a year ago ships passed over the top of the earth – taking a massive short cut from the atlantic to the pacific!

Sea ice like this will not cause the oceans to rise – it’s already in the ocean. But ice is also on land so when that melts the ocean gets bigger and deeper causing flooding to low areas of the world.

Mr G