CERN’s LHC gets ever closer.

The LHC is getting ever closer to the mysterious boson particles it was designed to find – like the Higgs – which detectors such as ATLAS and CMS (the one I visited – see photo below) are looking for.

This BBC article discusses the results already found, including particles that confirm the accelerator is working properly, like W bosons and Charm/Strange quarks.

Mr G

PS – if all goes to plan we’ll be taking Y12 and 13 students to CERN next Summer… Unfortunately the LHC will still be running (so you won’t be able to go underground like I did!). Also during Technology Show this year students should be talking to CERN Scientists using the college’s new Video Conferencing system.


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  1. Do you reckon you’ll be able to take us the year after that? Pleeeeeeeeeease…. i’ll only be in year 11 next summer 😦 and i really really really want to go 🙂 😀

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