Happy Birthday Hubble!!!

The Hubble Space Telescope is 20 years old today. I remember (a lad of 15 at the time) being astounded by some of the first pictures released. 20 years later I am still amazed at how beautiful Physics can be.

There is a lot more info and more pictures on the HubbleSite.

For more information about Edwin Hubble, the Astronomer who showed the Universe is expanding which lead to our understanding of the origins of the Universe and for whom the telescope is named – see this Wikipedia entry.

Mr G


One comment on “Happy Birthday Hubble!!!

  1. Awesome!
    I have done loads of hubble pics for my topic in art, science.
    I love them! I would love to see them for myself, through the Hubble telescope or actually seeing them in space would pretty cool too…but just as dangerous i would assume.

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