Since it’s been in the news lately (and I think I was a recent vicitm – having to go home from de Ferrers very “suddenly” Tuesday morning…) I figured it might be worth a post.

See the recent BBC news article here and here, and the Wikipedia entry for more details.

Should be back tomorrow – feeling much better now (just the headache left to be rid of).

Mr G


One comment on “Norovirus?

  1. It was quite funny on tuesday when we had physics as the sub teacher didn’t know anything about physics. she said if we asked her what test tube was in french she could answer but she could tell us nowt about physics. 😀 so i finished the sheet first and so i had to explain to her where i got the answers from and emma just sat there and laughed at me and said i might as well be the teacher (i suppose early training for when i want to become a physics/art teacher :D) and the next day we had her again, for french.
    … I think the last time i was sick like that was when we had a KFC, my mum was the only alright one as she is a veggie… 🙂

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