Yet Another Bang!

Yep, another post on bang. this week we see why at the moment, planes cannot fly due to the volcanic ash, why it is so easy to ski, even though snow isn’t slippery and how can we reduce CO2 emissions when we are burning coal.

You may have also seen adverts about training your brain, which is all on the bang website (the link is below along with the bbc iplayer link) . The website also shows you what happens to a candle in zero G and how to turn water into ice with a single bang. You can also ask Dr Yan any unsolved questions you have got, like whats deja vu, why do onions make you cry and what is the meaning of life (although he may not be able to answer the last one, best person to ask is Matthew Bellamy :D). I am also pretty sure the 3D Doctor. Who is still there, with his new assistant called Amelia! 😀


Matt, explaining the Meaning of Life


Bang website, and i have just looked for the new bang episode on iplayer and it’s not there not sure why so I’ll keep looking 😀