Module Exams – WEDNESDAY!!

Just a reminder of the Module Exams for GCSE Science (Module 1’s) that are happening next Wednesday (3rd of March 2010)

We have loads of resources on the Science Website that might help…

  • Revision Websites – that can be part of your revision
  • Past Papers – with Markschemes and Grade Boundaries
  • Revision Lists – that tell you what you’re expected to know and need to revise
  • Podcasts – from the BBC – so you can listen to your revision on your mp3 player

Remember we also have access to the Taecanet website.

Revision shouldn’t be just doing one thing. You didn’t learn to walk, talk or ride a bike by “reading a revision book” –

Make it ACTIVE! Do DIFFERENT things.

  • make note cards
  • make up mnemonics – memory words – reminder songs – etc
  • work with a “study buddy”
  • get people to quiz you
  • play revision “games”
  • try questions/exam papers
  • etc

Finally – give yourself a life. Stress is the enemy of revision. Plan out blocks of time – with a planned break in each (e.g. 1 Hour blocks – 45 mins working 15 mins resting – or 30 mins blocks – 20 mins working 10 mins resting) and split the working blocks into different activities – 20 mins max on each. You need to keep your brain energy up – do too much and your brain will “shut down”.

Remember – if you need help ask your teachers – it’s what we’re here for! Good luck!

Mr G